Dry Lining Interior Insulation

At Milltown Construction, we provide a host of home insulation services to improve the thermal efficiency of your home. We are professional building contractors, dry lining and internal wall insulation installers in Dublin.

Boost Your Property Value & Efficiency With Internal Wall Insulation

Carrying out internal insulation will not only maintain the temperature of the rooms in your home, it will help you to reduce your heating costs because the warmth will be retained for longer.

Property specialists recommend carrying out improvements to your home that will increase the thermal efficiency as this will attract buyers in the future and lead to an increase in the value of the property.

If you are looking for some advice on how to effectively improve the energy performance inside your property, speak to our company insulation experts now.

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What Is Dry Lining Insulation?

Dry lining a wall with insulation will help keep your home warmer for extended periods because the insulation boards that are installed will slow down the amount of heat that is lost through exterior walls.

A contractor adds the insulated plasterboards to the inside surface of the brickwork to add an effective layer of protective wall insulation.

A fully dry lined property will complement the other forms of insulation around the house to help minimise energy loss and help the homeowner to make savings on their heating bills.

How Does Internal Wall Insulation Work

Internal insulation dry lining, like exterior insulation adds in another layer of protection to your property in an attempt to stop heat loss from the house.

Depending on the type of wall being insulated, there are alternative methods that can be employed. For solid walls we can install 92mm thick warm boards that will deflect most of the heat back into the room. If you’re home has stud walls, our experts will apply thermally efficient fibre material into the space.

Benefits Of Dry Lining To Your Home Or Office In Dublin

When you use dry line insulation in your home or office, the benefits you will experience will make the work worthwhile including:

  • Guaranteed insulation
  • Improved heat retention in each room
  • Reduction in heating and energy usage and costs
  • Easier decorating and painting straight onto surface
  • It’s quick and clean
  • Convenient way to hide pipes and wires
  • Improved internal solid wall insulation
  • Helps with sound reduction
  • Prevents damp
  • Increase in property value
Can I Get A Grant For Internal Wall Insulation?

If you are considering the installation of internal insulation in Dublin you could be able to get a grant to help with the cost of the work. You will need to be assessed first to ensure that you are eligible to receive financial assistance for any improvement work.

Commercial Dry Lining Services In Dublin

As well as providing dry lining insulation in Dublin for homes and apartments, at Milltown Construction we also offer a commercial workplace dry lining service.

We are specialist contractors, experienced in fitting out commercial environments that need to integrate new office space or would benefit from our insulation services.

If you are looking to have renovations completed in your office or workspace, and would like to have a free consultation to find out what work would be required, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the type of wall being insulated we will either use a plasterboard that incorporates an insulated layer. If the wall is an internal stud wall we can fill the space with traditional fibre insulation.

Insulating your interior walls will have a dramatic effect on how warm the rooms feel as the protection that has been applied to the walls will slow down the loss of heat.

This will depend on the size of property and the amount of insulation that is required. We would be happy to visit your home and provide a free consultation and no obligation quotation.

In addition to wall insulation we can also offer internal conservatory roof insulation and ceiling insulation in Dublin.

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