Insulation Services in Dublin

Milltown Construction are experienced and expert contractors providing house insulation in Dublin, including cavity wall, spray foam and loft insulation to maintain thermal efficiency, keeping properties warm.

The Unbeatable Benefits Of Insulation​

Having well performing home insulation in your property is exceedingly beneficial for all homeowners. With the growing price of energy, maintaining the warmth inside the house will help you control your energy costs.

It’s a fact that poor insulation inside and outside of homes leads to higher energy costs during the winter. The heat is lost through uninsulated areas of the home such as the attic space and through walls.

Home Insulation Services In Dublin

External Wall

Treat the outside wall surfaces of your property with solid wall insulation that is adhered to the external surfaces and acts as a barrier, preventing the heat in the property from escaping.

Internal Wall

Interior walls can be lined with polystyrene material which is the first line of defence against heat loss through the walls in your home.

Cavity Wall

By filling the cavities between the skins of brick and blockwork in your home, you are adding another layer of protection against heat loss and helping to keep the warmth inside.


Traditionally, glass fibre is laid between the rafters and ceiling timbers in your home to stop the hot air from rising through the ceilings and into the cold loft space.

Spray Foam

Spray foam is perfect for insulating stud walls and for filling the space between the roof timbers. The foam fills the voids between the timber, slowing down the loss of warm air from the house.

Home Energy Grants

Energy Upgrades
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Insulation Grants
Heat Pump System Grants
Heating Controls Grants

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SEAI Grants Available

We take the value of your SEAI grant off your bill UPFRONT!

There are a number of grants available to help you with the cost of insulation and other home improvements.

When You Need New Insulation?

How do you know when you need home insulation in Dublin? The answers are simple as follows:

Temperature Fluctuations

If the insulation in your home is not performing, you will discover that rooms will go colder quicker or not even reach a comfortable level at all. This leads to the central heating being on for long periods of time.

Higher Energy Bills In Winter

Another warning sign is increasing energy bills that demonstrate that the heating is on for longer periods trying to increase the warmth in the house and not reaching the thermostat settings.

No insulation At All

A lot of properties built before 2000 had little or no insulation provided either in the loft space or in the walls. Therefore, they have no mechanism to keep the warmth inside the property.

Water, Dirt & Dust Damage

Over time the insulation in your home will deteriorate and become less effective. It's also possible that the moisture, dampness, dirt and dust will also compromise the performance.


If rodents, birds and pests gain access to the loft space, they will likely pull the insulation, ripping it and bunching it so that some areas of the roof are not properly insulated.

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Professional Insulation Contractors In Dublin

As one of the leading professional insulation companies in Dublin, we are able to assess your property to discover the best products to use to keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Our energy efficiency experts will provide the beneficial advice that will help you to choose how best to insulate the house you live in. Get in contact with us to arrange a free consultation.

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For years, we have helped our customers insulate their properties, making them more thermally efficient. Our insulation experts know which products are the best for the different parts of your property.

You can be confident that when you request your free consultation that we will provide a professional and cost effective service to protect your home and save you money.

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