External Wall Insulation

If your home could benefit from being externally insulated to help maintain the heat in your property, Milltown Construction are one of Dublin’s premium external wall insulation companies, with a team of professional contractors and installers.

Save Energy With External Wall Insulation In Dublin

Inadequately insulated older properties are at risk using more energy and suffer from increased costs to keep the house warm. Homes can lose up to 35% of heat generated by radiators through walls.

As most older homes are built with solid walls as opposed to cavity walls, the opportunity to insulate these types of properties is reduced. Fortunately, there are solutions available to homeowners to assist them with saving both money and energy.

Installing external insulation for solid stone walls will reduce the amount of heat loss and ultimately save energy and money.

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What Is External Wall Insulation?

External insulation effectively adds a layer of thermally efficient material to the outside of a wall on a property. The insulation material is then covered over with a special type of protective render that helps to reduce the heat loss.

The insulation used is added in layers to build up the protection. An adhesive is used to hold the first layer of insulation board to the bricks. Once the boards are positioned, additional fixings are used to ensure they cannot move. A reinforcing mesh is then added to build in structural rigidity before the final attractive render coating is applied.

How Does External Wall Insulation Work?

External wall insulation will improve the U-value of the walls being protected and is designed to slow down the loss of heat and energy through the walls in your home.

Exterior walls are classed as breathing walls and by using the right type of insulation material, this breathability can be maintained.

What are The Benefits Of External Wall Insulation

Adding external insulation will deliver a number of benefits to any homeowner, including:

  • Can assist in reducing energy bills and help you to save money.
  • Keeps rooms warmer for longer during colder periods.
  • Minimises energy and heat loss.
  • Adds a weather protection layer to the house
  • Improves sound resistance due to the layers of material on the external wall.
  • Minimises the risk of condensation on internal walls.
  • Does not affect the living space of your home.
  • Reduces draughts in the property.

·  No internal disruption while being installed.

Can I Get a Grant For External Wall Insulation

Government grants are available for a wide range of home insulation projects. Financial assistance with the cost of improving the thermal efficiency of your property through an application process. However, there is qualifying criteria that you have to meet in order to benefit from help.

Is External Wall Insulation Worth It?

If you live in an older property and you’re looking to save money on your energy bills and benefit from a warmer home in Dublin, we would recommend external and internal solid wall insulation be installed.

Adding external solid wall insulation could drastically reduce the energy loss through the walls from your property. You could be losing up to 35% of heat in each room without insulation and when you put that into monetary terms that is excessive.

External Wall Insulation Prices In Dublin

Prices for insulation installations will vary depending on the size of and type of property that you live in. Typical costs could start anywhere from €10,000 for an apartment and could go as high as up to €30,000 for detached house.

The easiest way to find out how much your home would cost to be insulated is to arrange a free consultation with one of our installation experts.  As leading external wall insulation contractors in Dublin, we can quickly ascertain what work is required and provide you with a competitive quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the size of your property, we would estimate that it will take around 5 to 10 days to complete the project. We will be able to give you a more accurate timescale following our free consultation.

Like most other forms of insulation products used around a property, you should expect to benefit from fitting external insulation for up to 30 years as long as the installation is completed correctly.

Yes, our workmanship is guaranteed as well as the products that we fit. If there are any problems following the completion of your project, we will be there to assist you. When our expert external wall insulation installers visit your property, they will be able to detail the product warranty and guarantees.

It may be possible to add fixtures including lights, hanging baskets and other lightweight objects to the rendered surface of your external wall. You should ensure that you use the correct style of spiral anchor fixing.

For heavier weight objects such as satellite dishes and awnings, longer screws and plugs will need to be used to ensure that they reach through to the brickwork to provide adequate support, without damaging the insulation material.

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