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If you’re looking for the best cavity wall insulation installers in Dublin, Milltown Construction can assist you to help keep your home warmer for longer and reduce your energy bills.

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With energy prices spiralling upwards, it is vitally important that you do everything you can to maintain the best thermal performance of your home in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland and limit how much energy you use to keep the property warm.

It’s a well known fact that houses in Dublin with poor insulation suffer from higher energy bills because any warmth inside the property, simply escapes through walls, windows and the roof.

The good news is, our bonded bead and spray foam insulation solutions are available to help you save money and stay warmer for longer. To find out how get in contact with us today and book a free consultation.

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What Is Cavity Wall Insulation

The majority of properties built after 1940 were constructed with an external wall of bricks and a separate internal skin of blocks with a small space between each layer.

There are two forms to choose from. Arguably the best and most popular is bonded beads cavity wall insulation, which are forced into the cavities to provide a barrier between the layers of brick and blockwork.

The alternative type of insulation is spray foam, which produces the barrier that slows down the loss of heat.

Our installers use insulation that is tough and durable, giving a house protection for an extended period of around 20 years.

How Does Cavity Wall Insulation Work?

The bonded beads fill the space between each layer of the brickwork and once solid it acts as barrier to slow down the loss of the hot air from within the property, dissipating through the walls and to the outside.

As the temperature inside the property increases, if the cavities are not filled with insulation, the heat will quickly be lost and the house will feel colder. With insulation installed it slows down the loss of heat from inside to outside because the heat does not penetrate through the insulation as quickly. The result is that the property remaining warmer for longer.

What Are The Benefits Of Cavity Wall Insulation?

  • Reduced Energy Usage

With improved insulation, the heating inside the property will reach the target temperature quicker and remain higher, switching the heating off and reduce energy consumption.

  • Lower Energy Costs

As the heating is on for less time, and the energy consumption reduces, so too will your overall energy costs.

  • Warmer Homes

The cavity insulation acts to stop the loss of heat from your home and in turn will mean that the temperature inside remains higher.

  • Reduced Risk Of Rodent Infestation

Empty cavities are usually a favourite hiding place for all types of small rodents. If the space has been filled, rodents cannot access the space.

  • Eliminates Condensation

Better insulation helps to retain heat and minimise the build-up of condensation on cooler surfaces.

Can I Get A Grant For Cavity Wall Insulation?

The Government has been helping homeowners in Dublin and Ireland to improve the thermal performance of their property. Depending on your specific situation, there may be government grants that are available to help you with the costs of having the narrow cavity wall insulation installed in your property.

You can easily check your eligibility to find out whether you can get financial assistance.

Types Of Cavity Wall Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

This form of loft and cavity wall insulation is ideal for filling internal stud walls and the space between rafters in the roof space. The spray fills the space and within seconds starts to expand to fill the gaps completely. The foam then hardens to make a completely airtight surface which eliminates any cold air spots. The foam will act as a significant barrier that reduces heat loss from the rooms inside your home, keeping the temperature higher.

Bonded Bead Insulation

Our bonded bead formulation is an extremely environmentally friendly treatment that involves the injecting of tiny recyclable polystyrene beads and a bonding agent into the cavities in your home. As the space is filled, the bonding agent solidifies the beads providing a structurally sound layer. This layer minimises the loss of heat which means your central heating doesn’t have to work so hard at cold times of the year, saving you money by reducing your energy usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a good chance that if your house was built since 1940, its likely to have been constructed with cavity walls and if it was built in the last 10 years it should already have insulation installed. As specialist installers we would be happy to provide a free consultation and we will confirm whether cavity insulation is suitable.

The simplest way to find out if you already have brick cavity insulation in your home is to request a free callout and we will carry out a no obligation check for you. We will drill a small hole and send in a tiny camera into the cavity and check for you.

Installing bonded bead insulation into your property shouldn’t take too long but it depends on the size of your property. Usually it can take around two hours to complete the process, but we will be able to confirm this once we have viewed your property in Dublin.

If you have your house insulated in this way, you can expect the thermal performance of the material to continue to keep your property warm for at least 20 years and most installations are guaranteed to last at least 25 years.

If the insulation is not installed correctly there is a risk that damp can penetrate to the inner walls of the property. The cavity needs to be fully filled either with bonded bead or spray foam insulation without any gaps.

During our survey and free consultation will check the outer surfaces of your home to make sure there are no signs of damage that could allow water to ingress into the property.

This will ultimately depend on the size of your property. The bigger the property, the higher the cost. For advice and a guide price, call us.

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